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Magic sourcebook for GURPS 4th Editon

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GURPS Thaumatology

Magic sourcebook for GURPS 4th Editon

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For an offbeat variation, though, magic can be based on other attributes. DX-Based Magic If magic is easy to understand, but getting it to work requires precise gestures and perfect timing, then it could reasonably be DX-based. However, this will leave every important adventuring role – warrior, rogue, and spellcaster alike – dependent on the same attribute. A party of highDX generalists might not be the most interesting group of PCs. ” In that case, healthier people who can better withstand the biological strain of spellcasting would make superior wizards.

He may even ban whole categories of spells, the most obvious options being specific colleges. For example, the GM might prohibit Enchantment spells, producing a setting where standard magic items don’t exist. Other criteria are possible, though: banning Blocking spells fits a background where magic is too slow and complex to be used for emergency defense; forbidding any spell that creates or summons a free-willed being suggests a robustly materialistic universe with little in the way of spirits or gods; and so on.

A substantial medieval-style volume could weigh substantially more. Gaining New Spells Wizards will want to add new spells to their collections, and may trade knowledge or even steal books. Certainly, spellbooks make interesting loot! Magical libraries might permit study and even borrowing – and doubtless charge a stiff membership fee. In a party containing several wizard PCs, the players may collaborate to minimize overlap between their grimoires, on the grounds that they can simply copy everything from each other.

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