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By Robert Silverberg

Within the some distance destiny, Earth is a tired backwater and humanity is unfold around the galaxy on worlds that started as colonies, yet now suppose like domestic, each one with its personal lengthy historical past of one thousand years or extra, and every with its personal special tradition. one of many strangest is on Borthan, the place the founding settlers confirmed the Covenant, which teaches that the self is to be despised, and forbids a person to bare his innermost suggestions or emotions to a different. On Borthan, the filthiest obscenities conceivable are the phrases “I” and “me.” For the heinous crime of “self-baring,” apostates have continuously paid with exile or loss of life, yet after his eyes are opened by way of a customer from Earth, Kinnall Darival, prince of Salla, hazards every thing to coach his humans the genuine which means of being human.

With a brand new advent by way of the writer, and the first-ever map of Borthan, this vintage, out of print on the grounds that 1992, is a wonderful new addition to the Orb imprint.

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He questioned me briefly about my training and experience, discovering in some ten queries that I had had little of the former and none of the latter; but he exposed my failings in a gentle and amiable way, and I assumed that despite my ignorance, my high birth and kinship to the marquise would gain me a post. Alas for complacency! I had begun to hatch a dream of climbing to great responsibilities in this factor-house when I caught with only half an ear the words of Sisgar, telling me, "Times are hard, as surely your grace comprehends, and it is unfortunate that you come to us at a time when retrenching is necessary.

Seeing such an arrest as the most probable next development, I wondered how to elude the government agents. Now I sorely felt the absence of my bondbrother and bondsister, for where else could I turn for help and advice? " Everyone's soul was walled against me by stony custom. In all the world were only two whom I could regard as confidants, and they were far away. I must find my own salvation. I would go into hiding, I decided. The innkeeper granted me a few hours to prepare myself. I shaved my beard, traded my royal cloak for the dim rags of another lodger nearly my height, and arranged the pawn of my ring of ceremony.

For the first time in my life, then, I had an identity apart from my royal status. I ceased to be Lord Kinnall, the septarch's second son, and was only Darival, the big logger from Salla. From that transformation I learned much. I had never played one of your swaggering, bullying young nobles; being a second son instills a certain humility even in an aristocrat. Yet I could not help feeling set apart from ordinary men. I was waited on, bowed to, served, and pampered; men spoke softly to me and made formal gestures of respect, even when I was a child.

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