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By Giancarlo Genta

Someday within the not-too-distant destiny ... unbeknownst to Earth, the Galaxy is domestic to a few spacefaring societies. This confederation enforces a strict protocol forbidding any touch with civilizations that experience no longer but accomplished either a considerable spacefaring strength and adequate adulthood to manage the know-how explosion sooner than triggering their very own extinction.

While this coverage is meant to simply herald peaceable new individuals, concerns switch fullyyt whilst the confederation is threatened through a few unknown entity - is the risk actual or imagined? The confederation makes a decision to damage with the principles and sends a delegate to Earth to rent one of many supposedly belligerent Earthlings to enquire and to restore the confederation’s long-unused starfleet. The Earthman concurs, yet calls for a excessive cost: should still he be successful, the confederation should settle for Earth as a brand new member. because the chance turns into ever extra acute, the query quickly turns into which undertaking will turn out more durable - saving the confederation or convincing it to simply accept the deal!

The huge appendix, written in non-technical language, reports the medical and technological themes underlying the plot - starting from the Fermi paradox, house shuttle and artificial/collective intelligence to theories on attainable common convergences in technological and organic improvement.

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