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A Dictionary of Chemical Engineering is without doubt one of the most recent additions to the industry major Oxford Paperback Reference sequence. In over 3,400 concise and authoritative A to Z entries, it offers definitions and causes for chemical engineering phrases in components together with: fabrics, power balances, reactions, separations, sustainability, security, and ethics. The dictionary additionally covers many pertinent phrases from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics.

Useful entry-level net hyperlinks are indexed and frequently up to date on a committed spouse site to extend the insurance of the dictionary. Comprehensively cross-referenced and complemented through over 60 line drawings, this wonderful new quantity is the main authoritative dictionary of its sort. it truly is an important reference resource for college students of chemical engineering, for pros during this box (as good as similar disciplines similar to utilized chemistry, chemical expertise, and technique engineering), and for an individual with an curiosity within the topic.

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Once the fluid has begun to flow, the rate of shear versus shear stress curve is linear. The applied shear stress is expressed as: . τ = kγ + τo . where τo is the *yield stress, k is a constant, and γ is the *shear rate. Examples include toothpaste, mayonnaise, and drilling muds. It is named after American chemist Eugene Cook Bingham (1878–1945). biocatalyst A catalyst that is, or derived from, a living organism or cell. Enzymes are biocatalysts and are used to catalyze biochemical reactions. biochemical engineering The principles of chemical engineering applied to biological systems and includes the synthesis of compounds from biological origins, decomposition of organic material, and the development of technical solutions for biomedical purposes.

Barn (Symbol b) The unit of area defined as 10−28 m2. It is used to express the effective nuclear cross section of atoms or nuclei in the scattering or absorption of particles. barometer An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. Early barometers consist of a tall vertical glass column containing mercury. The top of the column is sealed, while the bottom is open in a reservoir of mercury. The pressure of air on the reservoir balances the vertical column of mercury, from which the pressure can be read directly.

His important work on hydrodynamics demonstrated that pressure in a fluid decreases as the velocity of fluid flow increases, which he published in his book Hydrodynamica in 1738. He also made a first statement on the *kinetic theory of gases. Bernoulli theorem A theorem in which the sum of the pressure-volume, potential, and kinetic energies of an incompressible and non-viscous fluid flowing in a pipe with steady flow with no work or heat transfer is the same anywhere within a system. When expressed in head form, the total head is the sum of the pressure, velocity, and static head.

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