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By M. Abercrombie; C. J. Hickman; M. L. Johnson

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Limiting layer of plant formed by, and closely inand giving mechanical support to plant tissue. In living cells traversed by extremely fine cytoplasmic threads, the plasmodesmata, which form delicate protoplasmic connexions between adjacent cells. The walls of newly formed cells are at first very thin but as the cells assume their permanent character the walls thicken. In an older cell one can distinguish primary and secondary wall layers. The primary layer (middle lamella) represents the fused primary walls of adjacent cells, vesting, the protoplasm; comparatively rigid cells; it consists of pectic substances.

To form endoderm and mesoderm. In many animals the blastopore becomes the anus; in others it closes up at the end of gastrulation, and the anus later breaks through at the same place or nearby. g. ) the place of inward migra(Zool). Transitory opening gastrula stage, by ; tion may then be called a virtual blastopore. blastula. Stage of embryonic development of animals, at or near the end of period of cleavage, and immediately preceding gastrulation movements. Usually (in those animals with complete cleavage) consists of a hollow ball of cells.

Orthotropous. Canada balsam. Gum commonly used, dissolved in xylene, for making permanent microscopical preparations. The object is placed in a thin layer of balsam solution between cover-slip and slide. The balsam dries hard, and because its refractive index is like that of proteins and other constituents of biological objects, it makes them very transparent. 'Dog* or 'eye' tooth of mammals. Usually conical and pointed, one on each side of upper and lower jaws, between incisors and premolars. Upper canine is defined as most anterior tooth on maxilla, lower canine as tooth biting in front of upper canine.

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