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By Robert Sheckley

Whilst the time involves pick out your objective, make sure you choose the appropriate one. since you will basically get one shot . . .The Shadow battle is lengthy over, and the Interstellar Alliance--presided over by means of former Babylon five commander John Sheridan--is approximately to have fun the 5th anniversary of peace between its united member worlds. yet a planet, annihilated via an unspeakable weapon seems to be in chilling goals. And on that international there lies a terrifying promise of Armageddon. For the Drakh, as soon as servants of the bloodthirsty Shadows, are following within the footsteps in their vanquished masters--preparing to release a devastating interstellar struggle. Their first objective is Earth.This possibility will draw Sheridan again to Babylon 5--and into an uneasy partnership with a stunning and lethal survivor of Shadow genocide. within the determined race to warn Earth, he needs to face an apocalyptic showdown with the final word warfare machine--one in a position to killing a whole international . . .

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One thing. There are three of us in these drawings. " Sheridan said. "I don't know ... " "No," Sheridan said firmly. "If Galen was right, and the Drakh are preparing to move, any delay could cost us dearly. " Dureena had stood up and moved to the table. She was holding one of the drawings Sheridan had made. "It's true," she said. "This is me. But I don't understand . " "I don't know," Sheridan answered. " "Speaking of which," Anderson said, "we've got a problem. The forces you're talking about are beyond anything I've fought before.

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