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By Brian Clegg (ed.)

The bestselling 30-Second... sequence takes a innovative method of studying approximately these matters you are feeling you might want to rather comprehend. every one name selects a favored subject and dissects it into the 50 most important principles at its middle. every one thought, irrespective of how advanced, is defined in three hundred phrases and one photo, all digestible in 30 seconds. 30-Second Quantum conception tackles a mindbendingly mysterious region of physics, introducing the 50 most vital quantum quandaries and ideas. In a global the place the quantum physics of electronics is a daily crucial and new quantum advancements make headline information, you'll stopover at Parallel Worlds, experience Wave concept, and examine barely enough to speak with simple task approximately Uncertainty thought and to untangle the mysteries of quantum entanglement.

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A quantum field is one producing the same effects as quantum objects that can be in a superposition of states, requiring more complex mathematics than a classical field like a map of the Earth. fine-structure constant One of the fundamental constants of physics, with a value of about 1/137. The fine-structure constant (a) reflects the strength of the electromagnetic attraction (in effect, the probability an electron will emit a photon) and controls the way electrons bind in atoms and molecules.

Because such an outcome clearly was not evident, Bohr suggested the electrons could only move in fixed orbits, jumping from orbit to orbit, never occupying the intervening spaces. 3-SECOND FLASH In his model of the atom, Bohr put the electrons on orbital tracks, preventing them from spiralling to their destruction. 3-MINUTE THOUGHT A strong influence on Bohr’s thinking was what he described as ‘the radiation mechanism proposed by Planck and Einstein’ – the idea that atoms could only emit light in fixed chunks or ‘quanta’.

He later described his time in Dublin as the happiest years of his life. Arguably Schrödinger’s most important work during this period was What Is Life? – a revolutionary little book that demonstrated how quantum theory and other concepts from fundamental physics could be applied to living organisms. When the secrets of DNA were unlocked a few years later by Francis Crick and James Watson, both men acknowledged their debt to Schrödinger’s book. Compared with his scientific peers, Schrödinger had an unusual lifestyle.

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