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By Arthur C. Clarke

2061 : Odyssée trois (2061: Odyssey 3) est un roman de science-fiction publié en 1987, le troisième livre de los angeles tétralogie d'Arthur C. Clarke initiée par 2001 : L'Odyssée de l'espace.

En 2061, cinquante ans ont passé depuis que Jupiter a été transformée en Lucifer, une nouvelle étoile. Ses anciennes lunes (dont Io, Europe, Ganymède et Callisto) sont devenues ses planètes. Europe, autrefois recouverte par un épais manteau de glace, est à présent une planète océan. Elle demeure l. a. plus mystérieuse des planètes de Lucifer en raison de l. a. stricte interdiction de s'y poser.

Cependant, le vaisseau nouvellement mis en carrier, le Galaxie, est contraint de s'y poser, obligeant son vaisseau frère, l'Univers à lui venir en aide. En l'attendant, l'équipage naufragé fait de nombreuses découvertes sur l'astre : il y aurait de los angeles vie sur Europe.

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They all got sat -some of them threw back down; »some together; they their hoods; and then they began to talk. They They talked and talked and talked. They discussed whether Maudey had behaved impatiently toward Iris, or whether Iris had tried toattract Gunnar, or whether the nuns were participating enough in the group interaction, with due allowance made for their religious faith, of course, and whether the relationship between Raydos and Gunnar was competitive, and what Gavrily felt about the younger men, and whether he wanted to sleep with Iris, and on and on on and on about how how they felt about each other and how they ought to feel about each other and how they had felt about each other with an insatiability that stunned Alyx and a wealth of detail that fascinated her, considering that all these interactions had been expressed by people staggering with fatigue, under a load of eleven kilos per person, and exposed to a great deal of unaccustomed exercise.

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