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By Ioanne K. Lekea

Were the participants of 17N people with excessive ethical ideas, as they claimed, who did their most sensible to guard the civilians who occurred to be inside their box of operations? Or have been they only violent guerillas who prioritized profitable assassinations in their ambitions at any rate? The textual research of this ebook addresses those questions and reports 17N from inception to the time while its individuals have been arrested, delivering a uniquely thorough exam of the association manifestos and its correlation to the group's ideology and real practices.

17N's Philosophy of Terror: An research of the Revolutionary Organization 17 November innovative Organization first outlines the political and ideological framework of 17Ν after which describes their terrorist process and strategies. The authors think about those operations within the context of the manifestos that the terrorist acts, and finish the paintings by way of addressing the occasions following the apprehension of 17N members—the trial, the verdicts, the charm trial, and the realization of allure trial.

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52 Police immunity and the tactic of punishing those who violate laws by firing and killing instead of taking them to justice is a just cause for the police to be targeted by 17N. The beating of workers, the assassination of a 15-year-old Kaltezas, the tactless use of violence in protests—all make the intervention of 17N of vital importance53 because Police Riot Squads implement antipopular policies and the following measures against the living standards of workers and their social achievements .

83 In this context, 17N calls upon the people to sabotage the elections84 to make it clear that it supports neither of the two major parties (New Democracy and Panhellenic Socialistic Movement). Neither does it support the parties of the left that stay inactive in the face of the scandals that are taking place. According to the Proclamation of October 11, 1989: Therefore, the armed action of 17N not only is it permissible and legitimate, but is the only moral political action that is allowed by this people-killing 17N’s Ideology and Self Identification 19 and barbaric regime.

It is too late. Because any purification and sanitization has to be necessarily followed by a full change of those involved in the politics, the judges, the legal statutes. 17 The Right to Resort to Revolutionary Action 33 What methods is 17N using to prove that people authorized them to run these operations and that their presence is legitimate? In relation to this question, 17N presents an abundance of arguments. First, from their early proclamations, 17N uses a theoretical argument, claiming that the fascist mechanism and American imperialism pose “swiftly the issue of armed and strong defence of the popular movement,” as there is no revolutionary party to react to the aforementioned, and it is not possible for the people to wait for this party to be created, as “When the fascists establish dictatorship, when they turn the tanks against you and launch tear-gas bombs at you, then people defend themselves in any way they can .

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